Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox One

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Los Santos: a vast sun-soaked city loaded with self-help experts, starlets and fading celebs, once the envy of the Western globe, now having a hard time to survive in an era of economic uncertainty and inexpensive reality TELEVISION. Among the chaos, three extremely various offenders take the chance of whatever in a collection of bold and unsafe heists that can set them for life.

System Requirements: Supported Platforms: Xbox One

Customer Reviews

GTA V returns with a vengeance!

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 on November 19, 2014
GTA V is back and this time on next-gen hardware. I have to say, and I’ve never done this in my 30+ years as a gamer, when I installed t he game and fired it up and played the opening prologue, I started to smile and grin ear to ear with excitement. Make no mistake, this is not just GTA V with better graphics, this is GTA V at it’s full imagined potential. If you were pulled into the game last year on the old consoles, this one pulls you in deeper. It’s the most immersive and cinematic experience I’ve ever had playing a video game.

Best GTA by far

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 on March 8, 2015
By Dojax
Great game. I play on the 360, and this is the same, mostly on the Xbox One. But better with more vehicles, noticeably better, clearer details in the graphics, and the first person view makes it feel like a whole different game, both in the story and online. I find myself playing this game more than any other. The nearly infinite sandbox quality just allows unlimited replayability and experimentation.

More than you bargained for!

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 on March 20, 2015
By madmanmccain
This game is so much more than the media is talking about. Any mature gamer out there with any sense should play this game! Rally racing, Co-op operations, online Heists, custom matches and races in any variety. Anything from an Illegal “fight club” to street racing, all the way to closed circuit racing that mimics other race only games. Online. own up to 30 cars in your Garage(s)! Insurance for cars prevent loss. Own jets, attack choppers, heavy lift chopper, the 6 wheeled Mercedes(Dubsta 6×6) and monster trucks/cars, tanks, armored cars and trucks, mounted heavy caliber machine guns on the armored suv, unmatched offroading in the beefed up Sandking. Liveried race cars. neon lights under every car. Have parties with friends at your high end apartment or buy a little house up near the beach or get BOTH and then get a ten car garage somewhere else(own up to 3 properties)……..activities and missions always being created and reviewed and rated and played. Seriously, how have you not played this yet??

GTA 5 is plain and simple… THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD

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 on July 29, 2016
By Kevin R.
Imagine a game where you can fly many different types of airplanes, drive the fastest cars in the market, customize any car you want to you own style, doing races, getting into shoot outs with other players, doing crafty missions, doing intense heists, making millions of dollars, owning your own home, having three different lifestyles with an additional fourth person, and even being able to use a vending machine to get a fresh can of soda. Well you can stop imagining all of that because Grand Theft Auto V is the game that has all of those things as much much more. Grand Theft Auto is a game series I grew up with since the very first game in the series coming out in my early childhood. This game is unlike any other game out in the world because of all of the things you can do or buy and it has endless possibilities. It has a lot of variety when it comes to making the game into your own style with cool cars that resemble many of the fancy cars from the real world, it has a ton of different guns to choose from. Playing the story mode was just insanity because of how much it actually kept me busy. I didn’t get bored with the story mode at all. In fact, I liked it so much that I played it a second time from the beginning, and ended up making millions and millions of dollars by the end of the final mission. The graphics for the game are amazing and have a lot of small details such as the beach and the piers that California is known for having. The size of the map is huge. It takes a very long time to get from one side of the map to the other, similarly as it did in Grand Theft Auto San Andres, but this map is probably five times as big or even more.

GTA 5 re imagined on Xbox One

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 on January 22, 2015
By Thor
I had GTA 5 on PS3 and man did it have problems. They fixed quite a few bugs in GTA 5. The 8 GB of RAM on 8th gen consoles makes a huge difference in graphics and performance. Gameplay has also been improved somewhat and the FPS mode is a great feature they added. It’s fun in cars asside from the rear view mirrors being blurry.

I’m not sure if this is good or not

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 on February 26, 2017
By Charlotte E.
I’m not sure if this is good or not, I’m sure it is, but I ordered the wrong one. I needed to order one to fit a ps4 and I ordered one for an Xbox. I am waiting for my daughter to either send it back to me or her to return it for an exchange!

Awesome game, but needs a DLC story

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 on November 6, 2016
By Min938
This is my favorite Xbox game hands down. There hasn’t be any other game where I’ve enjoyed the campaign mode as much as I did with this game.

Lives up to the hype

 on February 7, 2017
By Jane Marie
I didn’t buy this when it first came out because I wasn’t sure it could live up to GTA IV. It did. The storyline was amazing and I’m so sad I’m done playing that I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m not a big online player so I stick to the story. I feel like the price was worth it just for that alone. I recommend to anyone who was holding out, don’t skills this one!


 on March 9, 2017
By Ryan
I had this game for my Xbox 360. When I got an Xbox One, I retired it to my younger sister. I read about the minor improvements for this game on next gen consoles. That’s just it — minor improvements. Don’t get your hopes up for a drastic change. I honestly don’t notice a difference between the two games. Either way, the GTA series rocks and same goes for this one.

Rockstar Delivers Again With Another Great GTA Game For The Masses!

 on March 11, 2015
By Mitch
GTA V is certainly a worthwhile game for any fans of the series and can certainly hold it’s own in the franchise. The world size is enormous, which I liked, but it has it’s drawbacks, such as needing to get from Los Santos, to the northern part of the island, it’s quite the trip, and you’ll surely roll your vehicle once or twice. The graphics in GTA V blew me away. Everything looks fairly well defined and the shadows, reflections and lighting system looks phenomenal. The acting is absolutely great. The plot is one of the best from the GTA franchise in my opinion, and Rockstars decision to follow 3 intertwining characters in this game was an amazing twist on the usual gameplay. The actual game controls and mechanics are a great as ever and the driving is fairly responsive. The driving physics are a little meh, and I personally think the vehicle damage system and the vehicle physics are a step back from what they showed in GTA IV. My only reason for rating this 4 stars instead of 5, is that the story seemed too short for me, and I wanted there to be much more meat to it. Saying this, the story is still great and develops the characters well and gives a great backstory and explains everything well and so on, but I just wish there was more. It was over before I was ready for it to be over. I get the feeling this is due to Rockstars inclusion of GTA Online in this game, which I personally don’t really see as much fun and really never play much because it seems like more of a novelty than a new feature. All in all though, I give GTA V a 9/10.