Seiko Men’s SNK805 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas Strap

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The Seiko Men's Automatic Green Dial Green Strap Watch is ready to accompany you on your next outdoor adventure or casual evening on the town. It features a stylish and durable green fabric strap that closes with a traditional buckle. The watch's green dial matches its strap and boasts easy-to-read Arabic hour and minute markers. The dial also features silver-toned hands and a date window at the three o'clock position. Hidden behind this watch's dial is precise 21-jewel automatic movement keeps this watch functioning without a battery: It is powered automatically with the movement of your arm. Other features include a stainless steel case, a mineral crystal window, and water-resistance to 99 feet (30 meters).

This is an automatic mechanical watch. Automatic watches do not operate on batteries, instead, they are powered automatically by the movement of the wearer’s arm. If the main spring in your automatic watch is not wound sufficiently, timekeeping may become less accurate. In order to maintain accuracy, wear the watch for 8 hours or more per day, or manually wind the main spring by turning the crown. When not in use, automatic watches may be kept charged with an automatic watch winder – a watch storage unit which may be purchased separately.

Customer Reviews

I’m not really sure how you can top the quality and features for the price.

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 on April 9, 2015
By Luke in Iowa
I’m giving this a five star rating for the watch itself. The strap is a steaming pile. I’m new to this whole mechanical watch thing, so I was looking at bang for the buck. I like military/aviator style watches and this one seemed to fit the bill on the checklist. I have to say, when it arrived, I was surprised for so little money you’d get such a nice timepiece. The box and little pillow are nice. This would make a great gift for a nerdy kid. There are a ton of other reviews, so I’ll just get down to what I like: The lume is powerful enough that I can read the watch all night long without having to charge it under a light. If I wake up at 4:45 am, I can see that’s what time it is. The watch is quiet in operation. I do hear the jingle jangle of the rotor in the back swinging around with my arm when I move sometimes, but it’s not annoying. My particular watch is very accurate. I’ve had it running for three weeks now and it has lost 14 seconds. I took the strap off of mine as soon as I got it and made one out of leather, so my photos are not representative of the strap that comes with it. The strap that comes with it is really thin and cheap feeling. I’d feel guilty using the strap that came with it as a collar for a feral cat, let alone my wrist. My only personal complaint of the watch is that it seems a bit small on me, but fashion comes and goes and changes. It’s big enough that it doesn’t look goofy. If I wasn’t married, I’d immediately buy the other colors so I had one to go with every outfit.

Pretty amazing watch for $60…

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 on March 28, 2013
By Derek
I’ve been wearing this watch everyday for about a week now and I’m very impressed with it so far. Here is my own breakdown of the watch, in no particular order:

Love this watch! Green with leather (picture) a unique combo.

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 on April 1, 2015
By YLFGratiot
Love this watch! A great buy. This is my first and only automatic watch. I wasn’t sure about the color when I first got it. I put a leather strap on it with a stainless steel deployment clasp with a brushed finish and WOW! I think it looks fantastic. The green face gives it a unique look. It is darker green and almost looks black from a distance. The white with brown leather and the black with brown leather are the more classic combinations, so I feel a little special with the green and brown leather, which I like. I’ll post some pictures and you be the judge. I think it is fun to keep it as close to the exact time by checking the accuracy with an radio controlled “atomic” clock ($10) each morning and night. I learned how each night position affects the accuracy so I use the position that will keep it most accurate. I generally end up losing about 2 seconds per day and I make a minute adjustment about once a month. I have a small wrist, so the smaller size suits me fine. The lume in the dark is not the greatest for my aging eyes. It is ok if I go from sunlight to dark since the lume will be brighter for 20 minutes or so. I still can’t believe I got this for around $56. My guess is most more expensive automatics aren’t much more accurate. I wear it almost every day, so I have not had a problem with it stopping. To me this watch wants to be worn and wants my attention. Like a good pet, if I give it my attention, it gives me back much in return.

Cool and customizable with new straps…

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 on January 25, 2016
By Peter B. Nelson
I love the rugged military style of this watch. And the price! Finally, an automatic-watch I’m not afraid to wear camping. In a few years when I’ve scratched the heck out of this crystal I’ll get a domed sapphire crystal replacement for thirty bucks and mod it even better than new.

Amazing watch at an even more amazing price.

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 on April 9, 2016
By masa1607
First let me say I’m not a watch guy, I like watches I think they look cool but frankly I don’t know what makes a good watch good or what makes a cheap watch cheap, I only know that the general consensus is that Seiko is a good “starter watch”. That being said this review is from the standpoint of a normal guy who just likes the watch.

Excellent, versatile, classic watch. Affordable price.

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 on February 3, 2015
By C. Crosby
This is a great watch. So much has been said in other reviews that I won’t add to the noise but one area that hasn’t been thoroughly discussed I feel I may have something to add to is the color of this specific model (SNK807). As an artist color is paramount and something I’m sensitive to. So having only the pictures online to go on was something of a leap of faith for me, the luxury of holding something in our hands before we buy it is foregone when purchasing over the Internet. The user posted pics all seemed to vary from one another, either being super saturated green or nearly black. So I’ve posted my own pics which are very color accurate. The first pic is in broad daylight, which is as green as this watch gets. The other two are under normal room lights (daylight fluorescents). My point is, this is a dark olive drab with almost no green at all, which is exactly what I had hoped for. Another aspect of this watch I really like is its versatility. You can strap on a fancy leather strap and its a classy dress watch, or throw a NATO style strap on and head into the wilderness for years at a time and not worry about anything, especially batteries (this is a fully mechanical automatic watch). It may not be obvious, but this is also related to color. The neon green strap this watch is shipped with is bright and has the effect of making the watch face appear more green. Google “simultaneous contrast” for more, or believe me when I say your choice of strap color has a huge influence on what color the watch appears to the eye. I bought a very nice $30 “OD phalanx” strap from Crown and Buckle and am very pleased, plus the khaki NATO strap, both of which are pictured above. My sample ran less than 30 seconds fast for the entire first week I owned it, and has been plus or minus two seconds a day since then. From what I’ve read of other automatics, this is outstanding especially for the price, and I couldn’t be happier with this watch. I have no idea what the negative reviews are talking about, unless they bought from someone other than Amazon and received Feikos. Another thing I’d like to clarify is the Lumibrite. It’s brightness and longevity are directly proportional to how much light YOU expose it to before it’s in darkness. Ten to twenty minutes in direct sunlight and it will glow like its radioactive for hours. Only room lights and it’s a subtle glow for a couple of hours. I didn’t really want this feature, but now that I have it I love it. Really, the pattern it has when all the lights are out is really classy. It’s like an old Rolex design. Very nice, Seiko. Thanks for a great watch. Will buy again, even if it’s just to get the other colors!

Best Automatic Watch Value

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 on July 9, 2015
By jdtaylor68
What a giggle this watch has been. I’ve waited about a month to write this review in order to give the watch some time to settle its action, and to see how I’d truly like it.

Great looking casual watch. Seiko quality at an affordable price.

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 on September 14, 2016
By Photo Pro 1
The overall atheistic of this watch has an “outdoors look” in appearance. The fit and finish is very good and a bit above what you can expect for a watch in this price range. The movement is silent, it can’t be heard in a quiet room at all, the glow in the dark hands and face are a nice touch as is the day and date feature. This watch is also easy to set and adjust, however it must be taken off the wrist to make doing so easier. The watch face is very well labeled with large minute markings on the outside and hour markings on the inside, the second hand looks as if it was taken from a compass which again goes with the “outdoors look”.

Very nice workhorse watch.

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 on September 2, 2015
By KWinnX73
So, I’m no watch expert, but I am a fanatic. I have yet to own a good quality automatic watch, as I’ve only owned low quality Chinese movement watches, and decided I wanted to start with this watch.