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Ripping down large panels into smaller more manageable workpieces is one of the trickiest, most intimidating, and expensive steps of any wood project. Even if you're ripping with the nicest table saw, you're still forced to lift large heavy panels, balance them carefully to avoid binding and bowing, while at the same time trying to support the finished workpieces and waste material as they exit the saw. There is a faster way. There is an easier way! There is a better way. Introducing the all-new Kreg Rip-Cut. The Rip-Cut is an incredibly handy tool which speeds and simplifies the process of ripping down large plywood and MDF panels. No measuring, no marking, no chalk lines-the Rip-Cut quickly and easily attaches to almost any circular saw, letting you cut pieces from 1/8-Inch up to 24-Inch wide with tremendous accuracy. The Rip-Cut is a no-nonsense, straight forward, accessory for your circular saw. It features a durable design including a solid aluminum guide rail, an easy-to-read adjustable scale, and a reversible guide arm which works whether you're left or right handed and whether your blade is on the left or right side of the saw. It's an incredibly easy, precise, and affordable way to break down large panels for almost any project.

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 on November 12, 2015
By George Slack
I own a lot of tools. 45K worth of Snap-On and Mac tools, every 20v Max tool that DeWalt makes, and tons of other top brand tools. I loath cheap tools. The Kreg Rip-Cut seemed too good to be true. Could something so simple in design work as well as advertised? I ordered one and received it today. I promptly attached it to my DeWalt 20v circular saw and made a few cuts. WOW! Rock solid and precise straight cuts. I used it to cut 1/8″ off of an 8ft piece of plywood. After 4 cuts with the Kreg guide, I trashed my old Empire 98″ cutting guide. Those type of guides flex in the middle which can cause the saw to bind (dangerous) and leave you with a pile of scrap wood. Forget all the extending snap together rip guides and home made saw guides. This is a must have for anyone that needs to make straight cuts with a circular saw. One bit of advice… have patience with the initial setup on your saw. Read the directions and then head to Youtube and watch a few videos of how to properly install and setup on your saw.

Another Fine Tool Aid by Kreg

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 on May 7, 2012
By Texian
Having purchased and owned several Kreg products in the past, I was not hesitant to try the Rip Cut by Kreg. As a casual observer, I could tell that the intent of this product was to allow the user to adapt their own saw to the tool, cut straight rips through sheet products and most of all, do so without the use of a pencil or straight edge or even tape measure.

Nice Time saver

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 on June 13, 2012
By J. Prewitt
As I was assembling this tool I noticed the measuring guide was off about 1/16″ to the left. The “0” mark was left of the board edge, so knowing there was no fix that I could make, I called Kreg support and explained the problem, after which they sent out a new one and included an RMA shipping tag for the defective one. I did not call Amazon for a return since this was a quality control issue for Kreg. The replacement clamp was spot on, so we got to work.

Perfect! Flawless cuts each time.

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 on March 1, 2015
By Wilber
I should start out by saying that I’m not really experienced in using a circular saw. I’ve used one off and on through my life but never a lot.

A Great Plan "B" When There is No Table Saw.

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 on May 22, 2012
By D. Middleton
Senior Engineering Students had the table saw fail during a project. They were, “not so good”, at telling a technician about the problem. When I arrived needing to rip two sheets of plywood I stood in awe of there inability to communicate. The fact the saw broke is due probably to normal wear. The fact the problem went unreported by SENIOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS….

Skeptical and then surprisingly pleased……

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 on March 2, 2013
I had an 8 1/2′ aluminum guide with a track on the bottom to allow 2 clamps to hold the bar to the sheet good being cut. Lent it to a friend and got back the clamps, no guide. I really liked this system but alas, it was gone.

4′ X 8′ ply watch out

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 on June 15, 2012
By clippergear
I ordered the Kreg Rip-Cut because I was having a difficult time making straight cuts on large pieces of wood (over 4′ X 4′) on my table saw. Every time I used the table saw the cuts were not even or straight. I went online to look for help on cutting straight lines on a table saw and the Kreg Rip-Cut popped up in one of the windows. After reading about it and watching the video I ordered it immediately. When I received it and got it out of the box I was worried that my older circular saw (over 15 years) would not fit on the jig. However, once I got everything out of the bags and read the directions I had no problem fitting it perfectly on my saw.