LampChamp – The USB Lamp Socket Charger & Adapter for Cell Phones / Tablets / eReaders / Security Cameras

Product Features

  • 2-IN-1 TECHNOLOGY - A must-have in every home, the Olens Technology LampChamp is a 2-in-1 base that allows you to light up your bulbs and charge your gadgets at the same time! Since it features a handy on and off switch control for the lightbulbs and a built-in charging port that fits any standard USB cable, you no longer have to worry about where to charge your devices.
  • CONVENIENT CHARGING - Are you having a hard time looking for a socket near you? You don't have to charge your phone at that awkward plug behind the sofa anymore with the LampChamp, since it lets you power up your phone just using your lamps! This allows you to use your phone comfortably while charging it on your side table.
  • VERSATILE TO USE - With the LampChamp, you can charge your smartphones, tablets, e-Readers, and security cameras with ease. The LampChamp can quickly power up any of your devices that require 2 amperes or less. Its USB port is compatible with the standard USB cables that are utilized for charging. What's more, its USB charging system is always active even if your lamp is switched off, so you don't have to keep your lamps on while your gadgets are charging.
  • PORTABLE - Simply put this product in your pocket and take it with you to a hotel, the office, or anywhere else you go, since this 2-in-1 technology is a portable base and adaptor that you can use on any type of lamp. However, Olens Technology highly recommends the use of LED bulbs in this E27 base, since they emit less heat and use less electricity than incandescent bulbs.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - This base interface only requires three easy steps for installation, so you can install it in seconds. First, remove the bulb from a lamp, then screw in the LampChamp. Lastly, place a bulb on top of the base - and voila! Your lamp base and charging adaptor are now assembled. Perfect for the bedroom, living room, or lounge!
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Product Description

Today we are connected more than ever before, with cell phones and tablets – and everything needs power…. but where is that much needed power? Either behind that heavy sofa, bed or across the room. Never close and easy when you need it…. Until now! Introducing LampChamp LampChamp turns any standard lamp in your home into a USB Charging Station! Standard chargers have short cables that make them frustrating to use, but LampChamp puts the port right where you need it so you can charge and talk! Simply remove your existing light bulb, screw in LampChamp, then replace the bulb! Perfect for bedside lamps for overnight charging or reading in bed. LampChamp works at Home, at the Office, or in the Hotel. Get a LampChamp for every lamp in your home and always be within reach of power! LampChamp powers and charges phones, tablets, eReaders, anything with a USB! Specifications: Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz Output: 5V DC, 2A Base Interface: E27 LED Bulb Wattage: <60w

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