ECOVACS Slim Vacuum Floor Cleaning Robot for Pet – Automatic Smart Robotic Cleaner, DEEBOT SLIM

Product Features

  • Tangle-free suction and dual side brushes are the ideal combination for picking up hair, debris and dirt effectively. Perfect for households with pets.
  • The lowest profile DEEBOT. Standing at only 5.7cm/2.2in tall, it easily cleans under furniture and elusive areas which commonly hide pet hair.
  • A multifunctional floor cleaning robot that sweeps, vacuums and mops bare floors in a single pass.
  • Cleans up to and around stairs without falling, moves safely around your home and cleans continuously all thanks to smart anti-collision sensors, which detect objects in its path and navigate around them.
  • Automatic docking, automatic charging and daily cleaning require little human intervention. Accessory Kit is now available on!
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You Save: $99.02
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Product Description

DEEBOT SLIM is easy to operate and maintain and automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces for optimal cleaning. Equipped with SMART MOTION Technology, DEEBOT SLIM covers your floors multiple times ensuring that the persistent dirt has been removed. It also cleans up to and around stairs, detects objects in its path, recharges automatically and can be scheduled to clean once per day, even when nobody is home.

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