ECOVACS Automatic Window Cleaning Robot, Glass Cleaner Tool and Robotic Washer, WINBOT 850

Product Features

  • WINBOTs are award-winning window cleaning robots equipped with patented technology, advanced cleaning systems and safety mechanisms.
  • Uses a high-speed fan motor for strong suction, better stability and deep cleaning.
  • W850 is one of the smallest robots of the WINBOT series, designed to fit most window sizes (45x65cm).
  • Perfectly suitable for frameless windows, uses Ball Sensors to detect the edges of frameless glass, cleans without the risk of falling.
  • With the Safety Pod and Tether, cleaning high rise windows is safer than ever. Accessory Kit is now available on!
(as of 08/21/2017 09:26 UTC - Details)

Product Description

ECOVACS ROBOTICS is changing the home robotics category by moving from floors to windows with the WINBOT 850 – The Window Cleaning Robot.
Thanks to its innovative fan technology, WINBOT 850 cleans framed or frameless windows, inside or outside. WINBOT 850 can even work its cleaning magic on frosted or filmed glass. WINBOT 850 is intelligent and simple to use with one-touch operation and automated “N” or “Z” cleaning paths based on window shape. WINBOT 850 uses a 4-stage cleaning process while the mechanical bumper protects window frames, and multiple sensors help it intelligently avoid edges and obstacles while leaving glass shining.

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