Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder – 1-pack

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  • Tile Mate Key Finder Phone Finder Anything Finder 1 pack GPS & Navigation
  • Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder – 1-pack
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  • Tile Mate Phone Finder, Key Finder, Everything Finder – Review 2017
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Tile Mate is the most convenient, quickest as well as most trustworthy way to locate your phone, secrets– anything! With over 5 million Tile gadgets offered, the Tile community is the globe's biggest lost and discovered network. Supported Apple Devices making use of iOS 8.1 as well as up: iPhone (Released 2011 or later): 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s as well as 6s Plus iPad (Released 2012 or later on): 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, Air iPad Mini, iPod Touch Apple Watch. Supported Android Devices using 4.4 or higher (KitKat or Lollipop): OnePlus One, Samsung Galaxy S5 *, S6 *, Samsung Note 4 *, Note 5 *, HTC One *, HTC One M8 *, LG Nexus 4 *, 5 *, 6 *.
* IMPORTANT – Please be encouraged that Tile's connectivity and app are affected by a recognized Bluetooth concern with tools using Android 6.0.0 (Marshmallow). Connectivity seems dealt with in Android 6.0.1. Google has already started to release 6.0.1, so please make sure to update your OS as quickly as it's readily available for your tool.

Customer Reviews

If Mated to something you need to find it makes life easier

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 on November 6, 2016
By Hart
Before I get into the actual device and app I want to make sure everyone understands how invasive this technology is before buying.

It has been the best two months of my life

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 on February 24, 2017
By Pamela Radcliffe
For 25 years I have helped my husband look for his wallet. EVERY DAY. No matter what system I tried to introduce him to, what basket was on the counter just for his wallet…was a dismal failure. EVERY DAY FOR 25 YEARS. I gave this tile to him for Christmas. It has been the best two months of my life.

Excellent Pet Finder

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 on October 16, 2016
By Kenystlded
We use Tile to help locate our cat. She was a rescue from the local shelter and she insists on going outside. My wife however insists that the cat must come in at night. This meant there were some nice summer nights where we were up until very late looking for our cat. Since putting the Tile on her collar we have had great success with finding her or just knowing when she is home. It has also helped us determine where she likes to hang out thus greatly shortening our search times. It would be nice if the signal had more range, but considering it uses Bluetooth it isn’t horrible. I would rate the range at a maximum of 1/2 the average city block. It can also be as little as a few feet if your pet is under something like a parked car.

Cat Tracker

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 on January 6, 2017
By Roxie
I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a cat GPS that looked way too big for a cats neck. I adopted a new cat and was afraid he might wander too far. I can track him while I’m at home and make sure he stays in the area. If he goes out of range, I can walk the neighborhood and find him.

Perfect for keys…and better for a wallet than the Slim…but still with slightly funky software

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 on October 16, 2016
By Paul Stuart
I own three Tiles and a Tile Slim. So needless to say, I’m not new to the Tile concept.

Nice for all of us to keep forgetting things on a daily basis

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 on January 3, 2017
By Clement Singarajah
A niice device. I highly recommend you share your devices with somebody else in your family to increase the range of the device. The separate community sharing location option works amazingly well and apparently anonymously. The whole thing was a piece of cake to set up. Since the ringer is medium loud, if your device is buried under a lot of other items, such as cushions or pillows, it is not as audible as one would expect. However the fact that you know that your devices somewhere within your Bluetooth range, even though you may not hear the device, at least saves you a lot of angst when you’re searching for such items. Nice for all of us to keep forgetting things on a daily basis

It Finds Everything!

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 on February 10, 2017
By hillaryc
I’m one of those extremely unfortunate people who lose their phone/keys/wallet/purse on multiple occasions, but Tile has come to my rescue. I’ve never had an issue finding it and keep one in my purse and another in my wallet. The chirping is loud enough I can hear it in the other room, and the activation on my phone puts the song on full volume, even if the phone is on silent or vibrate. Great product for anyone like me who just wants a quick fix to finding their keys or phone fast! The devices are a little larger than a quarter and aren’t bulky or cumbersome like other products I’ve tried. Only downside is if you lose your phone AND your keys at the same time…