OAXIS AS6500 AirScale 2-in-1 Luggage Scale and Power Bank, 6500mAh

Product Features

  • Weigh up to 40kg / 88 lbs., capable of handling all airlines approved baggage weight
  • Detachable hook strap that reveals a seamless power bank body when removed
  • Fast charging with 2.4A output
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Product Description

Air scale tackles two of the most annoying problems with traveling: surprise baggage fees and running low on smartphone’s battery. Air scale helps keep track of your baggage’s weight to avoid the airlines’ exorbitant overweight baggage fees. It is not easy to find a power outlet to charge your devices, especially when traveling to a foreign place. Air scale provides a convenient, power source to recharge devices for your journey. Air scale combines the functionality of battery bank and a baggage scale into a svelte and compact device. Air scale is ideal for frequent business travelers and vacationers for keeping tabs of their baggage weight and recharging their digital devices. Air scale prepares air-travelers for excess weight problem during airport check-in and it can calibrate weights up to 40kg. In the LED screen, you can select either display kilograms or pounds. For charging of mobile phones, air scale can recharge most mobile phones fully for more than 2 cycles. With a capacity of 6,500mah consisting of lag battery cells, the charging time is 2 times faster than most power banks one find in the market, with currents of 2a (input) and 2.4A (output).

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