Snakable Micro-USB to USB Cable 4 Feet W/ Advanced Built in Strain Relief System – Ideal For Mobile Phones, Smartphones, MP3 Players, Tablets, Digital Cameras and Digital Camcorders W/ Micro USB Ports

Product Features

  • Utlizes a built in patent pending advanced strain relief assembly on both sides of the cable, at the connectors.
  • Ideal for charging Android phones and tablets or connecting PC peripherals such as hard drives, printers, and more
  • Slim Connector Fits Most Cases
  • Guaranteed Charging Speed
  • Power & Data SYNC
(as of 08/22/2017 01:39 UTC - Details)

Product Description

While companies have designed beautiful, integrative technology, they have neglected one aspect, the USB cable. The life lines that charge our gadgets seem to always break. Tired of fixing and/or replacing these expensive cables, we came up with a cable design that would incorporate an advanced built in strain relief system. This system is comprised of independent free-moving ball joints that restrict the cable from making harsh bends, yet still allowing your cable to move naturally.

Snakable’s patent pending strain relief assembly allows the user to use their USB cable without any change to the normal way of use. The only difference is that Snakable won’t break from normal usage like your standard cable will.

We aren’t saying Snakable is indestructible, we just promise that you will get what you paid for. A cable that will hold up to normal use and not break on you. Our dedication to excellence is shown through our 3 year warranty that is included with every cable.

There are a gazillion choices for USB cables to use with your devices. Snakable is the only USB cable with armor, designed to not break and is the only one to be backed by a long term warranty.

The Snakable cable works with any device equipped with a micro USB hub, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4 and tablets, HTC One and Motorola Droid smartphones, Windows tablets, GPS devices, Nexus 7 tablets, and PSP game consoles etc.

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